Origins of Education for the Blind in America


Accession Number: 2014.3

Summary/Description: Discusses "the origins of the education of the blind in the western world . . . how the driving force behind the move was brought to this continent and strengthened by Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe," and his "lasting influence." Includes chapters on: Early Aid to the Blind; Tangible Systems of Reading Developed in Europe; Early American Interest in the Handicapped; early schools (Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky); Later Developments; and The Change from a Line Type to a Point System. Includes bibliographical references: p. 92-99. Presented as a senior thesis to the Dept. of History, Princeton University, for B.A. degree. This is a photocopy of the typewritten thesis.

Author: Miller, Oral O.

Collection: Reference Collection

Publisher: Unpublished

Publish Date: 1955 (submitted)

Subjects: Blind Education Schools for the blind and visually impaired

Physical Description: 99 p. : ill. ; 11 x 8.5 in.