O&M Training for People with Multiple Disabilities

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2019.26.198-222

Description: Twenty-five (25) prints associated with Berdell "Pete" Wurzburger's pioneering efforts to introduce O&M training for people with multiple disabilities. .198 BW print, young man with short curly hair, wearing light slacks and short-sleeved shirt, holding a golf club. .199-200 BW prints; Pete Wurzburger with a young man near a chain link fence; the young man holds a long cane with a barrel tip. .201 BW print; female trainer trails a trainee using a long cane on a sidewalk; bushes and chain link fence fill the background. .202-208 Seven color prints of the same trainee, a young man wearing a brown striped sweater, in several settings, using a long cane with barrel tip. .209-211 Three color prints, the first two show a curly headed trainee in blue jeans, blue shirt, and white jacket negotiate a tree-lined sidewalk with his long cane; in the third image, a trainer with red hair orients the same trainee's hands to a snack and drink in front of him on a table. .212-213 Color prints; a dark haired man in gray slacks and blue jacket negotiates obstacles on the sidewalk in front of a suburban home with his long cane; in .212 a crack in the sidewalk, and in .213 a narrow passageway between a utility pole and a guy wire. .214-218 Five BW prints; Pete Wurzburger trails a young man using a long cane on a city sidwalk in the first four; in .218, a different trainer, holding a clipboard, works with the trainee. .219-222 Four color prints; Pete Wurzburger working with a young man strapped into a motorized wheelchair; in .222 another trainer, wearing roller skates and skating backwards, moves in front of the man in the chair as they move down a suburban street.

Date: n.d.

History/Provenance: From the collection of O&M pioneer Berdell "Pete" Wurzburger.

Credit Line: Gift of Mike Meteyer, 2019.26.

Subjects: Orientation and mobility