Ohtsuki Typewriter

Typewriter, Electric

Accession Number: 1992.299

Description: A mode switch is used to select the desired typing mode. In the braille writer mode, keys F, D, S, J, K, and L correspond respectively to dot positions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the braille cell. This machine also produces additional copies; a copying key is pressed and the number of copies selected from the number keys on the keyboard. It accepts general braille paper and rolled paper. The typewriter emits warning sounds to indicate seven characters before the end of the line, the end of the line, one line before the end of the paper, out of paper, completed copies, and full memory. "Ohtsuki Typewriter" and "Nippon Dentsu" are on the front of the typewriter. On the back is "Ohtsuki Typewriter Model #BT-4000E, Power AC100V 50/60 Hz, 35 VA, Serial no. ND-824002." The typewriter weighs approximately 24 1/4 lbs. The carrying case is orange and has a handle.

Date Made: 1982

Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1992.299

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Typewriting

Dimension Notes: 5 x 16 5/8 x 16 1/8 in. typewriter ; 11 x 20 x 20 in. case .

Made: Nippon Dentsu Company. Ltd.

Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber

Updated: 04/25/2016