Number type for Texas Slate

Type, Arithmetic Slate

Accession Number: 2001.105.5

Description: Lead type used with the Texas Slate described in accession 2001.105.2, and the Arithmetic Slate, 2001.105.3. Each piece has a raised Arabic numeral (1-9) on one end, and an indentation on one side to guide the user in placing the type correctly into the slate cells. There are 334 pieces in total. All zeros are missing from the type for the Texas Slate; 3 pieces are missing from the type for the other slate.

Date Made: n.d.

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.105

Subjects: Arithmetic Mathematics Slates Instructional aids, tools, and supplies

Dimension Notes: 5/8 in. x 1/4 x 1/4 in.

Made: unknown

Material: Lead

Updated: 07/22/2015