New York point slate and two styluses

Slate, Pocket

Accession Number: 2001.105.4

Description: 2001.105.4 - nickel plated brass New York Point slate; five lines, 34 cells in each line. 2001.105.4a - black wooden stylus with steel tip; a 3/4 in. strip of paper with "Bieren" typewritten on it is glued to the side of the handle. 2001.105.4b - brown wooden stylus with steel tip.

Date Made: n.d.

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.105

Subjects: New York Point Styluses Tactile writing

Dimension Notes: 1 1/2 x 7 3/4 x 1/8 in. slate ; 2 1/4 in. length of black stylus ; 2 5/8 in. length of brown stylus

Made: unknown

Material: Brass, nickel, wood, steel

Updated: 03/01/2019