New York Point Desk Slate

Slate, Desk

Accession Number: 2019.17

Description: German silver upper and lower frames; upper frame is hinged to lower on the left by pin fitted through two rounded brass "ears" riveted onto the lower frame and a wrapped fold on the upper; there is small "V" notch in lower frame outside hinge; five rows of 35 square 4-dot cells on upper frame, recessed pits on lower frame; on right of upper frame is a fold with rounded edges and a hole that fits over a pin in the lower frame; two pegs on the bottom of the lower frame that would fit into a wooden desk slate board; scratched into the bottom of the lower frame, "J.W. Schab/The Ohio/Columbus Ohio/J.W. Schab."

Height: 1.5

Width: 8.375

Depth: 0.5

Date Made: ca. 1909

Maker: Schab, John W. (1865-1928)

Place of Origin: Columbus, OH

Credit Line: Gift of Barbara Evans, 2019.17.

Subjects: Boards (writing) New York Point Slates Tactile writing

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: Schab, John W.

Material: Nickel silver, brass

Updated: 07/12/2019