New Hall Braillewriter

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Designed to be suitable for school use, the New Hall resulted from APH research that tested existing writers for durability, simplicity, and cost. Commercial typewriter parts were used to keep costs low and simplify repairs. Introduced originally in 1941, the New Hall was an updated version of the original 1892 Hall Braillewriter. A line spacer, back spacer, margin regulator and carriage release were added. The frame was cast in one piece and the carriage welded into one unit. The placement of the die box made it possible to write to the very bottom of the sheet. It was named the New Hall Braillewriter to keep Frank Hall's name associated with the appliance that he invented. The machine sold for $52.50 in 1950. The New Hall was discontinued in 1972.

Height: 5

Width: 15.75

Depth: 10.5

Date: 1941