Ming-Do School

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.594-607

Description: BW prints; most stamped "Tienjen Modern Studio"; .594: Three Chinese girls in Tangzhuang jackets and dark shirts smile in front of a woman wearing a checked dress; captioned "Girls of Ming Do School--Foochow with teacher Miss Ho. They recite the Psalms at Church from memory"; 3.25 x 2.125"; 595: Four Chinese girls in Tangzhuang jackets and dark shirts stand in line; captioned "Oldest and Tallest is only survivor from Jap managed orphanage"; 3.25 x 2.125"; .596: Seven young Chinese girls smile in the arms of a Chinese man in dark clerical garb and collar; captioned Bishop Michael Chang of Fukien with children of Ming Do School. Loittle one in his lap was only one out of 30 in orphanage which was taken over by Japanese who survived (1944)"; 3.25 x 2.125"; .597 Three rows of Chinese adults posed for camera sitting and standing outdoors; one Caucasian woman stands second from left at back; captioned "Teachers of Ming Do School--Foochow. Need better training at both schools in Fochow. Mr. Lee has no sighted teacher due to lack of funds."; 3x4"; .598: Chinese girls crowd onto teeter-totter, and simple wooden playground slide; brick building with shutters in background; 3x4"; .599: Chinese girls with arms linked in a circle play a game outdoors; brick wall and hedge in background; 3x4"; .600: Chinese girls stand in five ranks on an outdoor stairway in front of a columned building; they wear matching Tangzhuang jackets and dark shirts; captioned "Choir of Ming Do School, Foochow"; 3x4"; .601: Two Chinese women sit on wooden chairs with babies in their arms; captioned "Blind girl babies left on door steps of Ming Do School. Older girls mother the two little ones. Woman on right can play and sing every hymn in the new Chinese Hymnal (500 in all)"; 3x4"; .602: Posed shot of Caucasian man and woman (Miss Lamb), and Chinese man standing behind seated Chinese woman; captioned "Oldest member of Ming Ho School, Foochow, China 57 yrs."; 3x4"; .603: Two Cacasian women (Miss Lamb on far right) and a Chinese man smile behind a group of Chinese girls gathered around a Caucasian man seated, holding one of the little girls on his lap; captioned "Most recent arrivals at Ming Do School. Two were picked up on the street on the same day"; 3x4"; .604: Group of Chinese girls posed with Caucasian woman (Miss Lamb) in front of brick building with shutters; captioned "Miss Lamb with blind girls rescued from the streets of Foochow"; 3x4"; .605: Group of eleven Chinese girls mill loosely arounf Chinese woman wearing black and holding a satchel and an armfull of books; captioned "Miss Pauline Chan and the first Preparatory Class for Middle School work at Ming Do School"; 5.875 x 4"; .606: Girls sitting at tables in large open air dining room; sunny arched openings on left; captioned "Mealtime at Ming Do"; 5.875 x 4"; .607: Caucasion woman in print dress leans over Chinese girl, one hand on the girl's hands, which hold a knitting project; captioned "Our youngest girl, who was baptised X-mas 1949. Learning to knit"; 2.25 x 1.875".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: ca. 1948

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Asia Braille China Eating & drinking Education of disabled persons Knitting Playgrounds Schools for the blind and visually impaired Teachers Vocational education