Mathews School for the Blind, Sayo Ethiopia

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.439-.453

Description: Series of BW prints, all 3.25 x 5.5"; .439: Four round bamboo buildings with conical roofs; captioned "used for dormitories"; .440: Posed shot of people, primarily in white school uniforms, all African except for one Caucasian woman on far left, Hazel McGeary; in front of traditional building with conical roof; captioned "Part of the School"; .441: Posed shot of people, primarily in white school uniforms, in front of traditional building with conical roof; captioned "Part of Student Body"; .442: Round bamboo building with conical roof behind wooden palisade fence; Caucasian woman stands at opening in fence, Hazel McGeary; captioned,"School Building"; .443: Students in white school uniforms in front of a doorway, recreating a Christmas Nativity scene; .444: Two students sitting at table writing on desk slates; captioned "2 blind students writing--one and evangelist"; .445: Small boy smiles, looking at hands, woman sits to left halfway out of picture with her hand on his shoulder, captioned "Blind boy in the school"; .446: Person sitting at table, seen from above with their hands reading a braille magazine; captioned "Reading Discovery"; .447: Woman in white smock sitting at barn frame loom weaving with a shuttle, while a boy wearing a smock stands watching; captioned "Weaving--One of the Crafts"; .448: Caucasian woman on left leans over table demonstrating to two African boys playing with an open canister of Tinker Toys; .449: Young boy laughes, a hand from the left raises his chin; captioned "Terfa--youngest blind student in the school"; .450: Woman sits between two small laughing boys; round buildings with conical roofs in background; captioned "House mother with 2 of the students"; .451: Girls in white uniforms sit on grass in circle around man on chair with open book in his lap; captioned "Girl's Evening Bible Hour"; .452: Girls in white uniforms sit in open doorway of bamboo building with a basin between them; they are sifting through its contents; captioned "Blind girls cleaning peas in preparation for dinner"; .453: Boy in vest watches man sliding a wood plane down a board; captioned "Blind boy learning fundamentals of carpentry".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1951

History/Provenance: Hazel MGeary was the founder and principal of the Mathews School for the Blind in Sayo, Ethiopia.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24