Let’s See: Vision Development Activities, Perceptual Level

Kit, Learning

Accession Number: 2009.6.11

Description: 2p black molded resin carrying case with pink nylon webbing straps; black plastic carrying handle riveted to lid, tinplate hardware, case labeled, "LET'S SEE: VISION DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES PERCEPTUAL LEVEL/CAT. No. 1-08151-00."; plastic wrapped packet of fluorescent paper and posterboard; purple plastic Slinky in original box; two (2) purple and white plastic "pom poms" with white plastic handles; penlight flashlight with flexible gooseneck lamp in original box, gray and black plastic with ridged spring loaded clip on side; set of ten plastic 1.5" blocks (2 light orange, 2 dark orange, 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 pink) in ziplock bag; four black plastic forms with inset shape (heart, square, circle, triangle) with keyed sides to allow forms to lock together; bag of matching foam forms with peg handles (heart, circle, square, triangle); cardboard box of Fisher-Price plastic Snap-Lock Beads; shape deck: black binder with fluorescent outlines of various shapes; fluorescent pink plastic pail with plastic bail handle, sides molded to resemble bushel basket; box, Crayola large "Neons" crayons; black, molded foamboard pegboard with 5x5 grid of 5/8" holes, raised rim; four plastic templates that fit into pegboard (square, X, diamond, triangle); bag of twenty-five (25) pegs, five each in yellow, blue, pink, light orange, dark orange; yellow plastic APH "Grandstand" reading stand; UltraLens glasses in brown soft vinyl "APH" case; UltraLens, jr. glasses in brown soft vinyl "APH" case; UltraLens infant glasses in brown soft vinyl "APH" case; UltraLens, jr. clip-on glasses in brown, soft vinyl "APH" case; white plastic cassette manual; print manual, spiral bound at top with screen-printed plastic cover.

Height: 15

Width: 24

Depth: 11

Date Made: 2001

Maker: Kitchel, Elaine

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2009.6.

Subjects: Low vision

Dimension Notes: overall, packed

Made: American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Plastic, paper, steel

Updated: 10/22/2018