Accession Number: 1992.392

Description: This machine writes only New York point. A cluster of 12 brass keys and a cell spacer make up the keyboard. Paper is inserted from the rear and rolled around a drum. By moving a lever at the left of the drum to a forward position, the paper is automatically advanced at the end of each line. Braillewriter, which is made of maroon-painted metal, has a brass plate on the front which reads "Kleidograph N.Y. Institution for the Blind Patented November 1894."

Height: 6.25984252

Width: 17.48031496

Depth: 10.23622047

Date Made: 1894

Place of Origin: New York

Credit Line: Gift of New York Institute for Special Education, 1992.392

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Mechanical writing New York Point

Dimension Notes: 15.9 x 44.4 x 26 cm.

Made: New York Institution for the Blind

Material: Metal, brass, wood

Updated: 12/14/2020