Kapten Plus Voice-Controlled Mobility Assistant

Receiver, Global Positioning

Accession Number: 2014.7.14

Description: (a) main unit is rectangular, black and silver plastic, covered with a soft rubber skin; tactile buttons on face, mini usb and power switch on top, volume controls on right, headphone jack on left; short lanyard on bottom; white sprint clip on back of skin, with serial # 1334 on adhesive label; (b) flattened sphere-shaped external rechargable speaker; twisting the two halves of the sphere unlocks them and the speaker opens up on an accordion spring; (c) white earbuds with built-in microphone; (d) white mini-usb to regular-usb cable; (e) black coiled mini-usb cable to mini-rca jack used to connect the speaker to the Kapten unit, includes built-in microphone; (f) multi-cable with standard usb, mini-usb, and mini-rca jacks; (gh) two part original box.

Date Made: 2011

Maker: Kapsys

Place of Origin: France

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2014.7.

Subjects: Assistive technology Electronic travel aids Navigation Orientation & Mobility

Made: Kapsys

Material: Plastic, rubber, aluminum, cardboard

Updated: 02/15/2021