Japanese soroban


Accession Number: 1994.14.12

Description: Standard utility Japanese abacus has an open black plastic frame, wooden rods, and white plastic beads arranged 1 bead above the bar and 4 below in 13 columns. Has a cardboard case that measures 2.2 x 6.6 x .7 in.

Height: 2.2

Width: 6.5

Depth: 0.5

Date Made: ca. 1970

Place of Origin: Japan

Collection: Gissoni Abacus Collection

History/Provenance: Gissoni Abacus Collection

Credit Line: Gift of Fred Gissoni, 1994.14

Subjects: Abacus Mathematical instruments

Made: [unknown]

Material: Plastic, wood

Updated: 05/16/2014