Interlining Frame

Slate, Desk

Accession Number: 2001.211.129

Description: Heavy gold-tone anodized aluminum swivel desk slate for writing braille; 2 lines of 35 cells; large blunt pin on front of bottom plate; two pegs on back to fit holes in a smooth board; board not included. No markings; sides of frames show tool marks.

Height: 1.25

Width: 11.25

Depth: 0.625

Date Made: n.d.

Place of Origin: London, England

Collection: Ronecker Slate Collection

History/Provenance: Ronecker Slate Collection

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.211

Subjects: Boards (writing) Braille Slates Tactile writing

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: Royal National Institute for the Blind

Material: Aluminum

Updated: 05/01/2017