Interline slate


Accession Number: 2001.211.94

Description: Hinged, full-page braille slate; dark metal; 14 lines of 28 cells on top and bottom plates for interline writing; brass pins in bottom. "Lehrmittel Verlag Blindeninstitut Wien" --front of top plate; outline of shamrock on back of top plate.

Height: 11

Width: 8.375

Date Made: n.d.

Place of Origin: Vienna, Austria

Collection: Ronecker Slate Collection

History/Provenance: Ronecker Slate Collection

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.211

Subjects: Braille Slates Tactile writing

Dimension Notes: 11 x 8 3/8 in.

Made: Lehrmittel Verlag, Blindeninstitut Wien

Material: White metal alloy, brass

Updated: 07/24/2015