Instruction Manual for SK300 Marburg Braille Machine


Accession Number: 2014.36.2

Subtitle: Bedienungsanleitung Marburger Blindenschrift-Bogenmaschine

Summary/Description: Includes instructions in large print and interpointed braille in German, English, and French; black/white photo of the writer on the cover; includes yellow plastic thermo-formed diagram of the machine with braille tags.

Author: Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt

History/Provenance: The German Blind Study Institute (Blista) was founded in 1916 in the historic university town of Marburg by Dr. Carl Strehl (1886-1971) to help treat and rehabilitate blinded soldiers. The institute operated a workshop to produce special tools from its inception and began making braillewriters after World War II. The SK300 was an original design introduced by Blista around 1985. In 1992-1993 it was rebranded Eurotype, with some technical changes, and as of 2015 was still available from Blista.

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2014.36.

Publisher: Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt

Publisher Place: Marburg, Germany

Publish Date: 1988

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters Mechanical writing Braille

Physical Description: 9 x 11", saddle-stitched, card-stock cover, 68 pp.