Improved Stainsby Braille Writer

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Henry Stainsby (1859-1925), Superintendent of the Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind, (later General Secretary of the British & Foreign Blind Association) along with Birmingham manufacturer Albert Wayne, introduced their portable brailler writer around 1903. An "improved" version, featuring aluminum parts and a paper clamp allowing more accurate interpointing or interlining, was announced in "Outlook for the Blind" as early as 1927 and available generally by 1933 in the Royal National Institute for the Blind catalog. By 1978, RNIB sold the Improved Stainsby in a number of formats, including a large version available with interlining and interpointing board, and a small version with a folding board. Both large and small models came in ordinary and reverse keyed versions.

Height: 3.125

Width: 13.875

Depth: 14.25

Date: 1927