Holy Bible [New York Point]


Accession Number: 2011.43

Summary/Description: Thirteen volumes of the Holy Bible, embossed in New York Point; .1-.12 are "Stereotyped and Printed at the American Printing House for the Blind, Louisville, Kentucky" -- t.p. (.13) has no printer attribution on frontispiece, just publisher's info on the American Bible Society; (.10) Matthew has packet of notes in New York Point and braille, hand written on desk slate. Contents: 2011.43.1 - v. 1, Genesis-Exodus, 1896 2011.43.2 - v. 2, Leviticus-Deuteronomy, 1896 2011.43.3 - v. 3, Joshua-II Samuel, 1896 2011.43.4 - v. 4, I Kings-I Chronicles, 1896 2011.43.5 - v. 5, II Chronicles-Job, 1896 2011.43.6 - v. 6, Psalms-Song of Solomon, 1896 2011.43.7 - v. 7, Isaiah-Jeremiah, 1896 2011.43.8 - v. 8, Lamentations-Malachi, 1894 2011.43.9 The Book of Psalms, 1886 2011.43.10 The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, 1888 2011.43.11 The Gospel According to Saint Mark, 1889 2011.43.12 The Gospel According to Saint Luke, 1891 2011.43.13 The Gospel According to Saint John, 1892

Author: American Bible Society

History/Provenance: Possible clue to provenance: several volumes have library stamp from Huron College in Huron, South Dakota and date stamps from the 1930s.

Credit Line: Museum Collection, 2011.43.

Publisher: American Bible Society

Publisher Place: New York, NY

Publish Date: 1888-1896

Subjects: Bible Bibles for the blind New Testament Old Testament

Physical Description: 13 v. of New York Point; 14" H x 12.5" D x varied width; natural leather spines/burgundy cloth front and back covers with leather corner tabs; signatures separated by cardboard spacers; four horizontal gold pinstripes on spine, flanking pasted paper print/New York point label; .10-13 new testament volumes in mixture of blue cloth, black cloth, and marbled paper.