History of the Education of the Blind


Accession Number: 2015.17

Summary/Description: Contents: Psychology of Blindness -- First Attempts at Reading -- Valentin Hauy -- Types -- Braille Type -- Braille Literature -- Braille Shorthand -- Edison-Bell Phonograph -- Writing -- Foucaud -- Hughes's Typograph -- Typewriters -- Braille Writing -- Braille Writing-Machines -- Dr. Moon -- Moon Typewriter -- New York System of Point Type -- American Braille -- Music Notation -- Braille Music -- Music -- Piano Tuning -- Claude Montal -- Massage -- Teaching -- Handicarafts -- Revision of Braille -- Uniform Braille System -- Arithmetic -- Biographies of Eminent Blind people -- Blind and Deaf Mute Elementary Education Acts -- Technical Education -- Earlier Acts -- Earliest Institutions and Schools for the Blind in the Kingdom -- Royal Normal College -- Gardner's Trust for the Blind -- Moon's Society -- Libraries for the Blind -- Magazines for the Blind -- Literature on the Blind -- Obstacles to Progress -- Unions of Institutions, etc. -- College of Teachers of the Blind -- Conferences on the Blind -- Mr. Henry J. Wilson, F.C.T.B. -- Blind Teachers of the Blind. Includes a bibliography (p. 136-142) and index. Illustrations include: Hauy's type -- Gall, Alston, Lucas, and Moon Types -- String Alphabet -- New York Point -- American Braille -- Braille Music -- Saunderson's Arithmetic Board -- Pentagonal Arithmetic Board and Pegs -- Old Braille Alphabet -- Revised Braille. Brown clothbound boards with gold-stamped lettering on spine and front cover.

Author: Illingworth, W. H.

Collection: Reference Collection

History/Provenance: The author, Illingworth, was the superintendent of Henshaw's Blind Asylum, Manchester, England (information from title page). Purchased by the APH Museum from book seller.

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2015.17

Publisher: Sampson Low, Marston & Company, Ltd.

Publisher Place: London, England

Publish Date: 1910

Subjects: Blind Education Printing and writing systems Schools for the blind and visually impaired -- United Kingdom

Physical Description: 167 p. : ill. ; 8.75 x 5.75 in.