Helen Keller’s Visit to Beirut

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.910-914

Description: Note: By the clothing worn, all of these photographs were shot on the same day so costume will not be redescribed in each description; .910: BW print; Helen Keller, in black suit with gold brooch on her lapel and wearing flat hat with netting, leans over to touch the arm of a man in a wheelchair, wearing a sweater and with a blanket over his legs; Polly Thomson guides Keller's hand to the man's arm; leaning into the picture at right is Karl Meyer; captioned "Paralytic"; 7x5"; .911: BW print; Helen Keller and Polly Thomson talk to a older woman with white hair, wearing a dark dress and a light work apron; Thomson has removed one of her gloves to place it in Keller's hand; captioned "The oldest blind woman in Beirut workshop"; 5x7"; .912: BW print; Helen Keller has her arm linked with an older woman wearing a dark dress with small buttons down the front and dark glasses; Polly Thompson leans forward toward the woman, speaking, her hand in Keller's hand; a young woman wearing a sweater, plaid skirt, and cross necklace is to right of Thompson; and Karl Meyer is at far right; there are stairs and other people in background; captioned "Marie-Jeanne"; stamped "Photo Naltchayan, Rue Emir-Bechir, Beyrouth"; 5x7"; .913: BW print; Helen Keller leans over little girl in white sweater; Polly Thomson stands behind them, smiling; a clutch purse and gloves rest on a table in front of them; (see 2009.24.16.909 for another picture of Keller with this girl); captioned "Little Blind Marie, Beirut"; 5 x 3.625"; .914: BW print; three men in suits play violins, the leftmost is sideways to the camera, the other two facing away; behind the men, left to right, are an unidentified man, Karl Meyer, Helen Keller, and Polly Thompson; Keller has one hand on the neck of the violin of the man nearest her, and the other hand is lightly touching his bow; her eyes are closed, concentrating; stamped "Reportage Photo, Garographe, Bhamdoun-Beyrouth"; 5x7".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: April-May 1952

Photographer: Photo Naltchayan

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24