Helen Keller Having Tea at the Jerusalem YMCA

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.932-933

Description: .932: BW print; left to right Arab Blind Organization (ABO) Chairman S. T. Dajani (standing), an unidentified YMCA official wearing a fez, Helen Keller, Polly Thomson and the ABO Secretary, wearing a fez (all seated); bookshelves are visible by the back wall; Thomson appears to be speaking, she and Keller communicate using manual sign language; teapots, teacups are set on a low table in front of the group; captioned "Tea at Jerusalem YMCA, 5/16/52"; stamped "Ali Za'Arur, Press Photographer, Jerusalem"; .933: BW print; different angle of .932; captioned "Press Conference at Jerusalem YMCA, 16 May 1952"; stamped "Ali Za'Arur, Press Photographer, Jerusalem".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 16-May-52

Photographer: Ali Za'Arur

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24