“Helen Keller Evening” at the Shizuoka City Hall

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.1189-1192

Description: .1189: BW print; four Japanese children stand behind a cloth covered table, their hands on their ears; a wired stand microphone is on the table; in front of the table, his back to the camera, a man stands facing the children, his hands also tugging on his earlobes; in the background, other people look on, among them Milton and Marjorie Stauffer; captioned "Drill for the 1st year grade boys and girls of the deaf's school in Shizuoka"; .1190: BW print; Japanese man wearing white shirt and pants talks into a microphone resting on a cloth covered table; his notes are spread in front of him; in right background, Milton and Marjorie Stauffer look on from behind cloth covered table; captioned "Mr. Maeda, 2nd year grade boy in higher course of the Shizuoka Deaf's School, reading a book so loudly and fluently though he is dumb, at the 'Helen Keller Evening' meeting in Shizuoka on September 14, 1948."; .1191: BW print; Dr. Milton T. Stauffer, left, and unidentified Japanese man stand behind large wooden table with a stand microphone on top; the desk is on a stage and a bonsai tree rests on a stand at right; captioned "Dr. Stauffer delivering a speech at the "Helen Keller Evening" meeting held at the Shizuoka City Hall on Sept. 14, 1948"; .1192: BW print; young Japeanese girl reads from a booklet she holds open in front of a microphone resting on a cloth-covered table; she wears a white jacket over a dark skirt; among other seated guests in the background are Marjorie and Milton Stauffer; captioned "Miss Ohashi, 6th year grade girl of the Shizuoka Deaf's School, reading a book so loudly and fluently, though she is mute, at the 'Helen Keller Evening' meeting held at the Shizuoka City Hall on Sept. 14, 1948."

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 14-Sep-48

History/Provenance: Helen Keller's 1948 trip to the Far East was sponsored in part by the John Milton Society. JMS General Secretary Milton T. Stauffer and his wife Marjorie joined Keller for the Japan portion of the trip. Keller was in great demand, and it appears that the Stauffers stood in for Keller and Polly Thomson at this event in Shizuoka, a city that Keller had visited during her 1936 trip.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Deaf persons Education of disabled persons Japan