Helen Keller and Polly Thomson in Egypt

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.817-821

Description: BW prints; .817; man in vest and rolled up shirt sleeves, Helen Keller in short sleeved dress, pearls, and matching hat; Polly Thomson in light suit, gloves, pearls, and hat with netting; the three gather around a small table raised up on a surface; Polly is guiding Helen's hand to wicker work on the table; captioned "Alexandria Industrial School"; .818: Man at right wearing dark suit and tie, fez, and dark glasses stands, shaking the hand of seated Helen Keller at left, with Polly Thomson seated between them, her hand on top of their clasped hands; Keller wears a light short sleeved dress, a strand of beads, and a dark round hat; Thompson wears a light dress with a broach at the collar, beads, and a small flowered hat with netting; captioned "(illegible) Majoli--Coptic School For Blind Girls Cairo"; .819: Helen Keller and Polly Thomson seated right, greeting woman in floral print dress and long black hair, Lucy Ashid; .820: Helen Keller and Polly Thomson standing behind two small girls with a large bouquet of flowers; the girls wear black dresses with light stoles; other people stand nearby including a third, taller girl in similar costume; captioned "Cairo"; .821: Helen Keller and Polly Thomson at round banquet table, being greeted by Lucy Ashid; a crowd of other well wishers stand behind, awaiting a chance to greet the guests; in foreground a second round banquet table is filled with guests; stamped "Photo Salah El-Din Hassan".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1952

Photographer: A. Masraff, Salah El-Din Hassan

History/Provenance: Helen Keller and Polly Thompson visited Egypt in April 1952 on their tour of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Israel.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24