Game Training for the Blind filmstrip photographs

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 1999.61.2.1-15

Description: Fifteen color photographs; each featuring a different APH product. Photos were received by the museum with the APH filmstrip presentation, "Game Training for the Blind"; the last four did not appear on the filmstrip (which is cataloged in a related record): .1 - Tactual Aids for Reading (TAR) (marked on reverse: 1 A). .2 - Tactual Discrimination Worksheets (marked on reverse: 25 A). .3 - Textured Pegs I (marked on reverse: 1 A-B). .4 - Shoelace Aid (marked on reverse: 27 A). .5 - Dolch Word Cards, Large Type and Braille Edition (marked on reverse: 29 A). .6 - Formboard with Removable Hands (marked on reverse: 31 A). .7 - Insect Identification Kit (marked on reverse: 5A-B). .8 - Puzzle Form-Board Kit, shaped pieces (marked on reverse: 7A-B). .9 - Small, Medium, and Large Circles II (marked on reverse: 11A-B). .10 - Sound Matching Board II (marked on reverse: 21 A). .11 - Braille Code Recognition (marked on reverse: 23 A). .12 - A Tactual Road to Reading (marked on reverse: 23 B). .13 - Clockface with Raised Print and Braille Numbers (marked on reverse: 17A-B). .14 - Cardboard Sewing Cards (marked on reverse: 19B, Do not use). .15 - Cardboard Squares for Parquetry Work (marked on reverse: 21B, Do not use).

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.5 (h) x 5 (w) in.

Date: [1978]

History/Provenance: Photographs were taken for APH by Caufield & Shook and also appear in APH educational aids catalogs.

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1999.61

Subjects: Blind children Braille Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Reading Tactile learning