Ford-Dorward Teaching Aids Slideshow

Transparency, Slide

Accession Number: 2000.51.7

Description: Sixty-four color slides, various handmade educational aids from the 1973 manual published by APH and written by Natalie Barraga, Peggy Ford, and Barbara Dorward, "Aids for Teaching Basic Concepts of Sensory Development." 1. Manual Cover 2. Textured Beads 3. Textured Beads (in use) 4. Textured Pegs I 5. Textured Pegs II 6. Textured Pegs II (in use) 7. Hand Positions Puzzle 8. Hand Positions Puzzle (in use) 9. Hand Positions Puzzle (in use) 10. Jumbo Forms (circle only) 11. Jumbo Forms Circle (in use) 12. Frame-A-Circle 13. Peg-A-Circle 14. Big & Little Circles 15. Small, Medium & Large Circles I 16. Small, Medium & Large Circles I (in use) 17. Small, Medium & Large Circles II 18. Small, Medium & Large Circles II (in use) 19. Hard & Soft Pegs 20. Contour Small, Medium and Large 21. Contour Small, Medium and Large (in use) 22. Alike & Different Circles 23. Jumbo Forms, Square 24. Jumbo Forms, Circle and Square 25. Frame-A-Square 26. Frame-A-Square (in use) 27. Peg-A-Square 28. Big & Little Squares 29. Small, Medium, & Large Squares 30. Textured Matching Blocks 31. Textured Matching Blocks (in use) 32. Alike & Different Squares 33. Big and Little Circles and Squares, rubber 34. Big and Little Circles and Squares, texture 35. Big and Little Circles and Squares (in use) 36. Alike & Different Shapes I 37. Jumbo Forms, Triangle 38. Jumbo Forms (three basic shapes) 39. Frame-A-Triangle 40. Peg-A-Triangle 41. Peg-A-Triangle (in use) 42. Big and Little Triangles 43. Small, Medium, & Large Triangles 44. Alike and Different Triangles 45. Alike & Different Shapes II 46. Basic Shapes Board 47. Big and Little Basic Shapes 48. Small, Medium, & Large Basic Shapes 49. Jumbo Forms, Rectangle 50. Jumbo Forms, all four shapes 51. Frame-A-Rectangle 52. Peg-A-Rectangle 53. Peg-A-Shape 54. Alike & Different Diamonds 55. Alike and Different Rectangle 56. Alike & Different Shapes III 57. Alike & Different Shapes III (in use) 58. Alike & Different Shapes IV 59. Shape Variations 60. Shape Variations 61. Shape Variations (two boards) 62. Shape Variations (two boards) 63. Shape Variations (two boards) 64. Shape Variations (three boards)

Date: 1974

History/Provenance: APH published "Aids for Teaching Basic Concepts of Sensory Development," by Natalie Barraga, Barbara Dorward, and Peggy Ford originally in 1973. These slides were used as illustrations in the book, and illustrate hand-crafted educational aids, many of which were added to the APH catalog in the late 1970s. Slides were kept in APH Communications Group (which became the Communications Department in 2002) until being transferred to the museum. The Communications Group produced materials about APH products.

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2000.51.

Subjects: Blind children Education of disabled persons Education research Educational toys Instructional materials Instructional aids, tools, and supplies