First day covers with Moroccan postage stamps commemorating the Week of the Blind

Cover, First Day

Accession Number: 2006.26.1-13

Description: Thirteen white envelopes with different postage stamps to commemorate the "Week of the Blind" in Morocco. Each has a first day cancellation. Colorful postage stamps show images of ceramics and musical instruments. Cachets with the same images are printed on the left side of the envelopes. Text is in both French and Arabic. Stamps and cachets for 1971 and 1972 have "Semaine des Aveugles" printed on them. The others are printed with "Semaine des l'Aveugle." All of the stamps have the initials "O.A.P.A.M." (Organisation Alaouite pour la Protection des Aveugles au Maroc) and the organization's logo printed on them. The logo appears in all cachets, except for 1977 and 1979. There are two stamps and 1 cachet each on the covers for 1978 and 1981. Cancellation date and location are listed below for each cover, followed by a number that is ink-stamped on the front: June 22, 1971, Rabat R.P., no. 675 March 31, 1972, Rabat R.P., no. 4721 March 30, 1973, Rabat R.P., no. 835 October 12, 1976, Rabat R.P., no. 4057 August 18, 1977, Rabat R.P., no. 3320 March 27, 1978, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 3571 March 30, 1979, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 1956 June 5, 1981, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 2096 May 10, 1982, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 976 April 20, 1983, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 2520 June 24, 1985, Casablanca Gare, no. 3621 April 21, 1986, Casablanca Gare, no. 3809 June 8, 1987, Rabat Musee P.T.T., no. 44

Height: 3.75

Width: 6.5

Place of Origin: Morocco

Subjects: Blindness Postage stamps Morocco

Material: Paper

Updated: 06/28/2021