First APH InSights Art competition, Linda Sanders, judge, 1991

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.42.36-56

Description: Black-and-white and 2 color glossy; photographs taken during the first InSight Art competition in 1991 at the American Printing House for the Blind. The majority of the photographs show the judging process with judge Linda Saunders. .36 Unopened boxes and envelopes holding art waiting to be judged. Boxes are stacked upon one another and lined up against the corner of a wood panel wall. .37 Paula Penrod and Eutiva Frank opening packages of art on a table. To the left, Frank lifts a bubble-wrapped three-dimensional item from a large cardboard box. To the right, Penrod holds a boxcutter to open a flat cardboard box with a leaf pattern. .38 Penrod and Frank continuing to open large boxes of art pieces. .39 Penrod holds a large canvas depicting a tree in front of her; Frank peers over the top of the canvas to see. .40 Frank holds a large, black three-dimensional piece at arm's length. The piece is flat on the bottom and sides and has many random protruding shapes on the top; boxes are visible in the background. .41 Linda Sanders, judge at the Insight Art competition and Education Coordinator of the Louisville Visual Art Association, holds a piece of paper and looks off camera. She wears a visitor tag around her neck and large, black-rimmed glasses. .42 Side view of Sanders holding a large, lampshade-shaped object. The object has a rough texture and multiple vertical stripes of shiny material. A collage and multiple chairs are visible in the background. .43 Sanders holds the lampshade-shaped object closer to her face. .44 Sanders walks with a large sheet of paper in hand; a table holding art pieces and chairs are visible in the background. .45 Penrod and Frank opening more cardboard boxes; Frank is on the left lifting a large three-dimensional object and Penrod is on the right using a boxcutter. .46 Side view of Frank lifting objects from a cardboard box while Penrod watches her in the background. .47 Side view of Sanders standing next to a table of art pieces. Larger, three-dimensional pieces are in the back; two-dimensional pieces are in the front. Sanders examines a piece and holds a piece of paper. .48 Back view of Sanders unfolding a large piece of paper with a still life in pencil. .49 Sanders, seated, gestures toward a large, framed piece. Multiple other framed pieces are in the background, including a large photograph of a man and a dog riding a motorcycle. .50 Sanders seated, holding a small, framed two-dimensional piece. .51 Sanders seated among varying sizes of framed art pieces. .52 Penrod standing in front of a table with a cardboard box and multiple art pieces. Penrod is writing on a small piece of paper; chairs are visible in the background. .53 Sanders standing casually in front of a table, ankles crossed and holding a large piece of paper. .54 Penrod moves a framed, two-dimensional portrait of a woman in a hat on a table. .55 Color photograph of a man in a wheelchair next to a temporary wall with multiple two-dimensional art pieces hung. There are many people visible in the background. .56 4" (w) x 6" (h) color photograph of a woman standing with two younger girls at the InSight Art competition event. The girl to the left, wearing a pink jumper, holds a large spiral-bound book. Multiple people are visible in the background; the ceiling appears to have long rows of circular, white lights.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.5 (h) x 5 (w) in.

Date: 1992

Photographer: Not Identified

History/Provenance: Photos were taken for the American Printing House for the Blind and may have been taken by an employee.

Credit Line: (see provenance)

Subjects: Art Art exhibitions Judges