Emerson Foulke at the KSB Media Lab


Accession Number: 2017.17

Description: Glossy B/W print mounted to matboard; Dr. Emerson Foulke (1929-1996) sits at right with his hands clasped on his lap, wearing a dark sweater, white shirt and slacks; he looks to his right at a second man, who is apparently speaking to him from an adjacent chair; that man is older, with a crew cut, dark glasses, an unbuttoned cardigan sweater, white collared shirt; both men are seated in front of computers of indeterminate make; in the background is a table with a braille embosser, Perkins Braillewriter, and what appears to be a punching and binding machine.

Print Size: 15.75 x 19.875"

Date: ca. 1985

History/Provenance: The photo hung in the APH office of Debbie Willis, head of Accessible Tests & Textbooks, until her retirement in June 2017.

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2017.17.

Subjects: Blind persons Blindness Braille Psychology