Embossed map of Scotland: rivers and towns


Accession Number: 2002.5.2

Scope & Content: A standard, color-print map of Scotland is affixed to a cardboard backing and embossed to indicate rivers and towns. Landmasses are raised slightly above the water areas. Single raised squares and circles distinguish between capitals and county towns. Mountains are not indicated. Insets of Glasgow and Edinburgh are not embossed. Degrees of longitude and latitude are provided along the perimeter in braille. Includes an embossed scale of miles at the bottom left corner. Above this is the title "Scotland" in braille. A single braille letter marks certain points on the map. "Copyright J-1261" is printed at the bottom left corner. "G.W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., Norwich St. London, E.C.4." is printed at the bottom right corner. The map was produced by the National Institute for the Blind, London. It is one of a set of two raised-relief maps of Scotland, the other indicates mountains and rivers (see 2002.5.1). Some wrinkles along the edges; paper has loosened slightly at bottom corners; 1/2 in. section of paper is missing at top right corner of mapped area.

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Subjects: Geography Maps for the blind and visually impaired Scotland Tactile graphics