Embossed map of England and Wales: rivers and towns


Accession Number: 2002.5.7

Scope & Content: A paper map is affixed to a cardboard backing and embossed to indicate rivers, towns, and mountains. Landmasses are raised above water areas, with mountains slightly elevated. Land below 500 feet is colored yellow; land above 500 feet is colored orange. Some towns are indicated by single raised squares. Includes print and braille labeling. Longitude and latitude are indicated in print and braille along the margins. At top right is a scale of miles and the title "England & Wales" in braille and print. "Copyright" is printed at the bottom left corner. "[W] & A. K. Johnston & G. W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., Edinburgh & London." is printed at the bottom right corner. Evenly spaced holes have been punched along the margins. "Issued by the National Institute for the Blind London, W.1, England" is printed at the top right corner. Soiled; edges of paper have loosened slightly; some foxing.

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Subjects: England Geography Maps for the blind and visually impaired Tactile graphics Wales