Earnest Writing Guide

Guide, Writing

Accession Number: 1992.67

Description: Wooden writing board with steel spring clasp has two strips of notched wood, one attached vertically along front left edge and one along front right edge of board, to accommodate removable rubber bands that can be stretched horizontally across the board, over clamped paper, and serve as raised-line guides for handwriting. Board consists of ten glued-together vertical wood segments.

Height: 13

Width: 8.74

Depth: 0.5

Date Made: ca. 1939

Maker: Earnest, Joseph B.

Place of Origin: Vallejo, CA

Credit Line: Gift of Joseph B. Earnest, 1992.67

Subjects: Boards (writing) Pencil writing Handwriting

Made: Earnest, Joseph B.

Material: Wood, steel

Updated: 03/01/2018