Dwight Smith and Edward Waterhouse at Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.852-859

Description: BW prints, each with a typed caption glued to reverse; .852: A crowd of women and girls is gathered in front of a building marked by decorative wrought iron window guards and a painted doorway; the women wear cool weather dresses and suits and talk amongst themselves; at far right stands a talk Caucasian man in a sportcoat, Dr. Dwight C. Smith; captioned "In the entrance court-yard of the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem"; .853: Dr. Smith kneels down to a little girl wearing a sweater and print shirt, clasping her hand and speaking to her; Smith, a tall older man with neatly combed hair, wears a dark suit; others are standing just to right and largely out of the frame; captioned "Dr. Smith of John Milton Society brings love and greetings from friends in the United States and Canada to the littlest one at the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem"; .854: Dr. Smith, wearing a light overcoat and holding a flash camera in his hand, stands in a circle of girls wearing similar dark dresses and short dark hair, but distinguished by non-uniform sweaters and hair barettes; one smaller girl with her hair in a bow stands directly beside him; captioned "Dr. Smith, General Secretary of John Milton Society, speaks to some of the older girls on the balcony of the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem"; .855: Girls and staff of the school gathered on benches, with the girls seated and the staff standing at the back, Edward Waterhouse and Dr. Dwight C. Smith standing at back left; .856: Girls being organized into a line by school staff, their hands on the shoulders of the girl in front of them; as Dr. Smith, Edward Waterhouse, and two unidentified Causasian women sit on the railing of a balcony; the guests all wear winter coats, and the two men have cameras on their laps; captioned "Returning to class rooms from the balcony of the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem"; .857: Adult woman in center, Adele Dafesh, sits in a circle of girls, her hands on a small electric organ; the girls sit around her on benches and sing; captioned "Miss Adele Dafesh, Head of the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem, leads some of the older girls in singing"; .858: Woman in white suit, wearing dark glasses, on right, beside for little girls wearing sweaters and print skirts; a window with one open interior shutter is behind them; captioned "Some of the littlest ones at the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem"; .859: In open doorway, Edward Waterhouse, left, and Dr. Smith smile at the camera; two lines of students and staff line their path; captioned "Dr. Waterhouse of Perkins School for the Blind, and Dr. Smith, of John Milton Society, about to leave after a visit to the Home for Blind Girls, Bethlehem".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1961

History/Provenance: Dwight Smith visited the Middle East with E.J. Waterhouse from Perkins in February and March of 1961.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24