Dr. Syngman Rhee

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.101

Description: Black-and-white glossy; portrait of man. Notes on reverse include a stamp of Acme ownership, pencil markings for cropping, and a taped on note that reads, "FER 872289...New York Bureau. Chairman of Korean National Assembly Seoul: Dr. Syngman Rhee, Veteran Rightist Fighter for Korean Independence, was elected chairman of the First Democratic National Assembly by an overwhelming majority of 188 votes out of a possible 200. Here, he addresses the opening session of the assembly after his election. NY-1 MGS For Credit (Photo by Richard C. Ferguson, Acme Staff Correspondent) 6/7/48 (MK)"

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 9 x 7"

Date: 1948

Photographer: Richard C. Ferguson

History/Provenance: Received with John Milton Society for the Blind (JMS) records from the American Foundation for the Blind.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24