Dr. Milton Stauffer’s 1948 Visit to Japan

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.1351-1377

Description: .1351: Demonstration of the rotary braille press at the Mainichi Press Headquarters; the back of the head of the press operator can be seen in the near foregound; standing nehind the press, left to right are three unidentified people, Kakniji Ono, Rev. Walter Nagamachi, and Dr. Milton T. Stauffer, his hands spread as if he is explaining the press; captioned Kakniji Ono, Walter Nagamachi, and MTS viewing the Braille Press at Mainichi Press Headquarters in Osaka, 9/27/1948"; 6.75 x 5"; .1352: Young man in t-shirt and jeans guides paper into iron framed rotary cylinder press set up to emboss braille; behind him a second worker feeds paper into another press of different design; captioned "Braille Presses, Mainichi--Osaka 9/27/48. Publishes 4000 copies 3 times a month, 28 pages (each), 400 Jap(anese) 200 Eng(lish) words on page, Subscription rate 800 yen per yr. Subsidy--300000 yen annually"; 5.75 x 4.125"; .1353: Young woman sits at a table, her left hand reading a braille bok and her right hand taking notes on a braille desk slate; Dr. Milton T. Stauffer and Rev. Walter Nagamachi stand at right looking on and talking; loaded bookshelves fill the background; captioned "WAtching blind Japanese girl copy by hand from Uncle Tom's Cabin in Eng. Braille. Rev. Walter Nagamachi looking on as interpreter in Lighthouse for the Blind, Osaka 9/26/48"; 7.125 x 5.125"; .1354: Left to right, Hideyuki Iwahashi, Milton T. Stauffer, Marjorie Stauffer, Rev. Walter Nagamachi, and Kakniji Ono; two men kneel at right in front of heavy iron wheels on machinery; captioned "At (Osaka) Lighthouse Metal Work Shop, Sunday Afternoon, 9/26/48"; 6.75 x 5"; .1355: Dr. and Mrs. Stauffer look on, with other officials, as a young man at a workbench uses a lever-like cutting tool to cut up a metal can; a second man in a dark coat operated a second machine of unknown purpose at the same bench; captioned "Blind workers salvaging army tin cans at the Oita Lighthouse for the Blind, Oct 1948"; 5.375 x 3.75" .1356: Five men gathered in front of crowd at building with sign "R.T.O"; Milton T. Stauffer--with his coat over hs arm--and man in American military uniform at right; the five look at something out of the shot; captioned "At Matsuyama Station by Press Mainichi"; 3.125 x 4.75"; .1357: Dr. Milton Stauffer and his wife Marjorie Stauffer seated at left; posed shot with, left to right, Major Alfred P. Robertson, Commanding Officer, Okayama Military Government Team; Mrs. Hillburn, Miss Ardis P. Todd, Chief of Education Section; Mrs. Sato; 1st Lt. John E. Hillburn; Mrs. Yuga; Mr. Katsuya Sato, Vice-Governor; Mr. T. Yuga, Deputy-mayor of Okayama City; captioned "Photograph No. 1 At Koyoken Restaurant, Oct. 2, 1948"; 3.875 x 6.375"; .1358: Children of Sitoku School gathered with guests for photograph outdoors in front of tree and clapboard building; captioned "Photograph No. 2 in commemoration of visit to Seitoku Institute, Oct. 4, 1948, Left to Right (Front Row) Mr. K. Yokoyama, Chief of Welfare Section, Mr. Sakamoto, Principal of Seitoku School, Mrs. Sakamoto, Mrs. C. Homda, Chief of Children Section, Dr. Stauffer, Mrs. Stauffer; (Back Row) Mr. H. Fujimoto, Chief of Civil Affairs Dept., Mr. M. Teniguchi, Staff Member of Welfare Section, Mr. Nagaoka, Reporter of the Osaka Mainichi, Braille Edition, Mr. K. Katayama, Interpreter"; 4.125 x 6.5"; .1359: Milton Stauffer shakes the hand of an older Japanese man, who has the crook of a cane looped over hs arm; others crowd in to greet Stauffer, one wearing dark glasses; captioned "Greeting distinguished Christian educators of the blind in Oita Oct--1948"; 4 x 5.125"; .1360: From same event as 1359, Dr. Staffer smiling, holding hs hat and coat,with the same Japanese man standing behind him; captioned "Being welcomed to Beppu by Prefectural officers. Oct--'45"; 4 x 3.25"; .1361: Dr. Stauffer stands at end of table, speaking; young Japanese women sit around the rectangular table while others look on from chairs around the walls of the room; captioned "Addressing 15 blind girls (Christians) at the Oita Lighthouse for the Blind. These girls are preparing to do typing, leatherwork and weaving"; 3.75 x 5.125"; .1362: Dr. Stauffer and several Japanese people walking down the stairs in front of a pagoda arch; captioned "Leaving Leprosarium at Nagashima, Oct 3, 1948, 1300 lepers of who 180 are also blind"; 3 x 3.25"; .1363: Wide angle shot of same scene from .1362, Stauffer, wearing a hat but with his raincoat thrown over an arm, walking down a stair in front of a pagoda arch; captioned "Returning from our visit to the Leprosarium at Nagashima, Sunday Oct 3, 1948"; 4.875 x 4"; .1364: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer chatting with each other as a man in American military uniform and Japanese officials move toward them; captioned "Arriving at Kobe 9/28/48, Major Hutton, Narao Matsumoto (back to camera) of Eng. Mainichi"; 6.5 x 4.75"; .1365: Marjorie and Milton Stauffer sitting at table surrounded by Japanese officials and one American military officer; captioned "Mr. & Mrs. Keibun Yoshida (writer of HK song), Asatoro Tanahashi rt. and Mr. Nagaoka of Mainichi as they face the camera. Gov. Aiji Nishio beside me and Mayor Taketi, Sept 24, 1948, Tattori, Japan"; 4.25 x 6"; .1366: Milton Stauffer, wearing a raincoat and a plastic cover on his hat stands under an umbrella being held by someone out of the frame, talking to a Japanese man standing next to him, Dr. Mitsuda; captioned "Dr. Mitsuda--a naturally blond head physician and authority on leprosy at Nagashima, 10/3/48 (73 yrs old) bidding us farewell at the wharf"; 4 4.375"; .1367: Milton Stauffer and Kakuji Ono sit at wooden armchairs in a library; captioned "Kakuji Ono--Managing Editor Osaka Mainichi Braille Press 9/26/48"; 5 x 7.25"; .1368: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer and a group of Japanese men and women smile from around a round table loaded with food; captioned "Formal luncheon with the governor of Mie Prefecture (Asamu Aoki) at Tsu (Sep 17, 1948), 16 guests + 3 geisha hostesses"; 4.625 x 6.75"; .1369: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer look on as Japanese man at left talks to group of small boys; captioned "Talking to deaf children through ther teacher at the School for the Deaf in Kumamoto, 10/13/48";6.875 x 3.5"; .1370: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer and Japanese officials look on as men kneeling on mats work on each other; captioned "Acupuncture and Massage at Oita School for the Blind Oct 1948"; 4 x 5.125"; .1371: Dr. Stauffer stands in the midst of a classroom full of Japanese boys sitting at desk with notebooks and pens or pencils in front of them; at left an older man leans over one boy's paper; captioned "Deaf boy with only partial sight writes the story of Helen Keller's life, Oita, Japan Oct 1948"; 5.125 x 4"; .1372: Japanese woman in decorative kimono ushers forward two girls wearing kimonos as they offer flowers to Dr. Milton T. Stauffer and Marjorie Stauffer; Marjorie Stauffer is leaning forward to greet the girls and is obscured; a large column is in the background; captioned "Receiving flowers from blind children"; .1373: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer greet crowd of Japanese wellwishers; captioned "After addressing Blind Christians at Osaka Church, 9/26/48. Blind y. man in white and mother at his left hopes to prepare for the ministry. Mother was inspired by H.K. 11 yrs ago"; 7.125 x 5.125"; .1374: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer smile and shake hands with young Japanese woman wearing dark glasses, white blouse, and tweed skirt; captioned "Thanking Miss Taeko Kai, graduate of Toi School + Osaka College for Women--after she had thanked us for our visit Sunday morning Sept 26th 1948 at Osaka Cong. Church"; 7 x 5.125"; .1375: Long table stretches away from the eye, lined with busy seated Japanese men and women stuffing envelopes, typing, writing and filing; captioned "Helen Keller Campaign Office headquarters + editing room for Mainichi Braille, Osaka 9/27/48"; 4.125 x 5.75"; .1376: Marjorie and Milton Stauffer standing with three Japanese men; 4.375 x 6.125": .1377: Milton and Marjorie Stauffer sitting in formal posed shot of two rows of Japanese staff, officials, and other western visitors; captioned "Photograph at Nagashima Ai-sei-en Leper Houses Oct. 3, 1948, Left to Right, Front Row, Miss Ardis P. Todd, Chief of Education Section; Mrs. Hillburn, 1st Lt. John E. Hillburn; Major Alfred P. Robertson, Commanding Officer, Okayama M.G.T.; Dr. Milton T. Stauffer; Dr. K. Mitsuda, Director Ai-sei-en; Mrs. Stauffer; Mrs. C. Honda, Chief of Children Section; Mr. H. Fujimoto, Chief of Civil Affairs Dept; Back Row: Mr. Masami Taniguchi, member of Welfare Section; fourth in back row--Mr. K. Nagaoka, The Mainichi Press; 7th in back row--Mr. K. Yokoyama, Chief of Welfare Section; 8th in back row--Mr. K. Honda, Mrs. Honda's son; right on back row--Mrs. Fujimoto"; 4.375 x 6.125".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1948

History/Provenance: Helen Keller's 1948 trip to the Far East was sponsored in part by the John Milton Society. JMS General Secretary Milton T. Stauffer and his wife Marjorie joined Keller for the Japan portion of the trip. When Polly Thomson became ill and the Keller/Thomson party returned to the U.S. in early October, the Stauffers stood in for Keller and finished the tour.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Acupuncture Blind children Blind persons Churches Classrooms Deaf persons Deaf-blind Education of disabled persons Geishas Japan Kimonos Leprosy Massage Newspapers Office equipment & supplies Office workers Railroad stations Rain Raincoats Religious services Restaurants Schools for the blind and visually impaired Vocational education Writing