Diorama of Coronado in the Southwest in 1540


Accession Number: 2003.185.72

Description: The plaster diorama shows painted figures of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado standing next to his horse, holding the reins in his right hand. A monk is standing farther back and to the right. The scenery includes a tall cactus and a rocky projection. A background of hills and sky is painted on cardboard. The diorama is displayed in a wood case, painted black, with a top-hinged lid that can be propped open, and is viewed through a front glass-enclosed opening. The back panel of the case is hinged at the bottom and fastens at the top with a metal hook. A paper label with black lettering is glued to the top of the lid and reads "Coronado in the Southwest 1540" and is numbered D-9. "WPA, Kentucky Museum Project" appears within a shield design on the front left of the case. A Kentucky School for the Blind property label with number 107193 is attached to the top left of the case. Diorama was made by Works Progress Administration employees as part of a museum education project and was used at the Kentucky School for the Blind. A few small chips of paint are missing from the plaster; top corners are missing from label on lid.

Date Made: ca. 1940

Collection: KSB Collection

History/Provenance: KSB Collection

Credit Line: Gift of the Kentucky School for the Blind, 2003.185

Subjects: Explorers. History. Instructional aids, tools, and supplies. North America.

Dimension Notes: 9 x 12 3/4 x 9 3/4 in.

Made: Kentucky Museum Project, WPA

Material: Plaster, cardboard, glass

Updated: 06/24/2021