Cranmer Abacus prototype


Accession Number: 2002.141.1

Description: Abacus has a wooden frame covered with white lacquered plastic; blue wooden beads arranged in 13 columns on metal rods; each rod has 4 beads below and 1 above the crossbar; on front of the frame, beneath each column, is single raised dot, and raised line between each set of 3 dots; red felt backing keeps beads secure when set.

Height: 3.75

Width: 9

Depth: 0.875

Date Made: before 1963

Maker: Cranmer, Terrence V., 1925-2001

Credit Line: Gift of Susan Strange, 2002.14

Subjects: Abacus Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Mathematical instruments Mathematics Prototypes

Dimension Notes: overall

Material: Plastic, wood, felt, metal

Updated: 04/23/2014