Contact Book, Photos Taken in Holy Land of Helen Keller House et al

Album, Photograph

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.936

Description: a) 43 page typescript document, "Contact Book, Photos Taken in the Holy Land of Helen Keller House, Vocational Training Centre and Workshop for Blind Girls, Home for Blind Boys, also Bethlehem Home for Blind Girls, Jerusalem Home for Blind Girls, John Milton Society, Kofod Photos"; key to the contact sheets; b) 41 contact sheets, each with roughly 12 images, each image numbered individally, 733-1248; photographs of staff, students, grounds, and buildings of the various institutions plus scenic imagery from the region; some individual contact images glued over the sheets; where glue has failed, these images are loose; subjects include children of all ages, school life, craft workshops, meals, classrooms, assistive technology, and sightseeing.

Date: ca. 1964

Photographer: Leon V. Kofod

History/Provenance: Contents removed from a binder found in the JMS papers. Helen Keller visited the Homes for Blind Children in Bethlem and Jerusalem during her 1952 tour of the Near East and in 1960, the homes were renamed for her. They had been originally founded before WWI by missionary and nurse Mary Lovell. Today the homes are operated by the Franciscans.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24