Colorado Braille Battery [Braille]


Accession Number: 2014.8

Summary/Description: A set of eleven standardized tests designed to measure mastery of grade 2 literary braille and the Nemeth code for mathematical notation. Contains the following tests: Literary Pretest (2 p.); Beginning Literary Test, Form A (7 p.) ; Intermediate Literary Test, Form A (7 p.); Advanced Literary Test, Form A (6 p.); Beginning Literary Test, Form B (7 p.); Intermediate Literay Test, Form B (7 p.); Advanced Literary Test, Form B (6 p.); Beginning Nemeth, Form A (4 p.); Beginning Nemeth, Form B (4 p.); Intermediate Nemeth, Form A (4 p.); and Intermediate Nemeth Form B (4 p.). Single-sided embossing; each test pamphlet, except the literary pretest, is saddle-stitched. Stamped in black ink on front top right corner of each test: "Colorado Braille Battery, [title of test], Subject; Grade; Date; School [the last four are followed with dashes on which to enter information]. Above stamped area, handwritten in ink: "Richard W.Woodcock." A brown paper band, wrapped width-wise around the set, is ink-stamped on front with APH product number 5-2462. Handwritten in black ink on front of band, at left: "1966 Edition, Colorado Braille Battery," and at right: "R.W. Woodcock."

Author: Woodcock, Richard W.

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: Tests were kept in the APH Research Department and transferred to the APH Museum. Additional provenance not provided.

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2014.8

Publisher: American Printing House for the Blind

Publisher Place: Louisville, KY

Publish Date: 1966

Subjects: Braille Testing Examinations

Physical Description: 11 pamphlets of braille ; 10.75 x 10.5 in. + paper band, 2 x 22.5 in.