Chinese abacus (suan pan)


Accession Number: 1994.14.4

Description: A standard commercial Chinese abacus with 13 columns of two beads above the bar and five beads below. It has a black, open wooden frame and black wooden beads. The wooden rods are unstained. Decorative metal pieces reinforce the corners of the frame and the sides (where the horizontal bar joins the frame).

Height: 5.5

Width: 1.1

Depth: 0.8

Date Made: [n.d.]

Place of Origin: China

Collection: Gissoni Abacus Collection

History/Provenance: Gissoni Abacus Collection

Credit Line: Gift of Fred Gissoni, 1994.14

Subjects: Abacus Mathematical instruments

Made: [unknown]

Material: Wood, metal

Updated: 05/16/2014