Casting mold, New Hall Braillewriter

Mold, Casting

Accession Number: 2006.60.42

Description: Cast and machined aluminum casting mold for six identical parts (the diebox/handle on top of the New Hall Braillewriter); overall shape is rectilinear with six hollow molds of the part arranged 2x3; three wooden braces smoothed with modeling clay separate matched pairs of molds on top; black enamel outlines the shapes of the molds; brass "keys" bolted to short sides of the mold below crudely cut holes; bottom of the mold has applied center bar with smoothed rivets; bottoms of each mold compartment are built up with two applied plates with smoothed rivets; written in grease pencil on bottom, "ADD MATERIAL FOR SCREW HOLE"; on top, "DON'T USE UNTIL REPAIRED"; mold compartments numbered 1-6 in black enamel; stamped on top, "AM PRINT HOUSE"; cast into each compartment, "104".

Height: 2.75

Width: 22.75

Depth: 13

Date Made: ca. 1932

Maker: American Printing House for the Blind

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2006.60

Subjects: Braillewriters Machine shops Machinery Product and market development Tool & die industry

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Aluminum, brass

Updated: 08/04/2011