Carte de visite of Jennie Fletcher, a blind woman


Accession Number: 2001.145

Description: Sepia-toned photo mounted on card stock with a gilt border. Portrait of a woman wearing dark eyeglasses. She has dark hair, worn up with heavy curled locks hanging on her shoulder. The neckline of her dress has a lace collar fastened with a small brooch. Her cheeks are tinted pink. "Jennifer Fletcher" is handwritten in pencil beneath the portrait. On the back, in gold letters, is printed "From J. M. Hoag's Rooms, Opposite Lawrence Hotel, Maumee Street, Adrian Mich. Photographs nicely finished in India Ink." Faded; yellowing. Cartes de visite were popular during the Civil War era.

Medium: Card stock, paper

Print Size: 4 x 2 1/2 in.

Date: ca. 1870

Photographer: J.M. Hoag, photographer

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.145

Subjects: Adult blind. Photographs.