Carte de visite of an elderly blind man wearing dark eyeglasses


Accession Number: 2001.128

Description: Sepia-toned photo mounted on card stock with a gilt border. A bearded, elderly man is dressed in a vest and suit, wearing dark eyeglasses. The right lens is removed from the lens area of the glasses and is resting against the man's right temple. He is sitting, with his left hand resting on his lap. A pocket watch is visible. The photographer's name and location and "From Retouched Negatives" appear in print on the back center of the card, within a 1 1/4 in. circle with decorative trim. Handwritten in ink across the top back edge is "Watson E. Lawrence - of New York, Age 82, 1870." One-inch portion of left edge of photo is loose from backing and wrinkled with slight tears. Cartes de visite were popular during the Civil War era.

Medium: Card stock, paper

Print Size: 4 x 2 1/2 in.

Date: ca. 1870

Photographer: B.W. Flint, photographer

Subjects: Adult blind. Photographs.