Caretec Nano PDA-Lite

Computer, Handheld

Accession Number: 2015.20.1

Description: (a) pocket computer; rectangular blue plastic case with rounded edges; two holes and a recessed groove on each side for a lanyard; eight translucent soft rubber braille keys arranged in curved "ergonomic" design along top of unit; four (4) round cursor control buttons in inverted "T" on right; three round digital recorder control buttons on left; four rectangular bars along bottom edge allow navigation through a document; three jacks on back for power supply, headphones, and unknown; speaker grill and four rubber feet on base; cast into top, "NANO"; cast in braille on base, "nano/caretec austria"; label on base, "NANO/CARETEC/NA1US0077"; (b) black plastic power supply, labeled "Caretec/A1010 Weien; Stubenbastei 1".

Date Made: ca. 2001

Maker: Caretec

Place of Origin: Vienna, Austria

Credit Line: Gift of Linda Gissoni, 2015.20.

Subjects: Assistive technology Braille Computers Electronic aids Speech

Made: Caretec

Material: Plastic

Updated: 02/15/2021