Brannan cubarithm type slate and cubes

Slate, Arithmetic

Accession Number: 1992.80.1-2

Description: Cubarithm has black plastic frame with 16 cells vertically and horizontally for a total of 256; (96) ninety-six 3/8" black plastic cubes in original cardboard box marked with catalog number "00330"; cubes have raised braille dots forming the numerals 0-9 on five of the sides. .1 - frame .2 - cubes

Date Made: n.d.

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1992.80

Subjects: Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Mathematics Slates

Dimension Notes: 1 x 18 x 18 cm.

Made: American Printing House for the Blind.

Material: Plastic; cardboard

Updated: 02/28/2019