Braillewriter production, ca. 1977

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.49.201

Description: Black and white glossy; an American Printing House for the Blind employee is assembling a Perkins Bailler; he is wearing a dark tshirt and jeans; he is seated at a work table; he has the braillewriter turned upside-down and is working on the inside of it; there are two muffin tins on the table in front of him filled with nails, screws, and other tools; a hammer, a screwdriver, and other tools sit on the table to his right; machinary is visible in the background.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 8" (h) x 10" (w)

Date: ca. 1977

Photographer: Unidentified

Credit Line: (see provenance)

Subjects: Slates Braille