Braille transcription, ca. 1990

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.49.207

Description: Color photograph; American Printing House for the Blind employees are transcribing braille with Triformation Systems, Inc. Braille Transcription Editors, modified IBM personal computers that write braille onto floppy disks; both editors are sitting at computers on long, wooden-top desks; Ruth Ann Wohner is closer to the camera and facing away from it, the other is in the back center facing the camera; could be in the 1923 building because of the pillars.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.5 (h) x 5 (w) in.

Date: ca. 1990

Photographer: Unidentified

History/Provenance: Braille Transcription Editors (BTEs) were IBM personal computers that were modified to translate braille. Transcribers used a braille keyboard to key in the braille which the computer then wrote onto floppy disks. The disks would then drive the Plate Embossing Devices (PEDs) and Text Embossing Devices (TEDs), much like tape used to drive stereograph machines.

Credit Line: (see provenance)

Subjects: Braille