Braille Formats [braille]


Accession Number: 2019.27.1a-g

Subtitle: Principles of Print-to-Braille Transcription, 2016

Summary/Description: "This updated edition ... has been created to bring Braille Formats into line with Unified English Braille (UEB)" --preface. "Developed Under the Sponsorship of the Braille Authority of North America" --t.p. Transcribed 2017 into Unified English Braille by the Braille Technical Formats Committee [BANA]. Volume 1: Front Matter and Sections 1-2. Volume 2: Sections 3-7. Volume 3: Sections 8-10. Volume 4: Sections 11-13. Volume 5: Sections 14-17. Volume 6: Sections 18-22. Volume 7: Appendices and Index. APH catalog number: 5-09653-00. Paper covers (yellow front cover with standard print; white back cover), over which are protective clear, frosted plastic covers (a clear braille label at top left of the front cover); spiral bound (black plastic coil).

Author: Braille Authority of North America

Collection: BANA Archives

History/Provenance: A printed-on-demand copy transferred from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) to the APH Museum for the BANA Archives.

Credit Line: BANA Archives

Publisher: Braille Authority of North America

Publish Date: 2016

Subjects: Braille Printing and writing systems Transcription

Physical Description: 7 volumes of braille ; 11 x 12 inches (volumes 1-6), 11 x 12.25 (volume 7)