Brailink refreshable braille display

Display, Refreshable Braille

Accession Number: 2014.1.1

Description: Black faux leather plastic carrying case with brushed and chrome-plated aluminum trim, chrome trimmed black plastic handle; pair of lockable slide-release latches flank the handle; case is lined with charcoal plasticized linen; lid of case has three stacked accordion-fold pockets secured by a leather strap above a black plastic hinged compartment for six micro-cassettes; three prong power jack on back of case; in recess on left side of case are DIP switches, and jacks marked "TANDEM TERMINAL," "EXT.," and "DATA LINE"; brushed aluminum deck of notetaker has raised trapezoidal bar in middle; above the bar are two black plastic micro-cassette decks flanking three black rocker switches and a larger white plastic rocker switch (power); label near the power switch, "SER No. U83932/Model 1196/C.S.I. Ltd. WALLINGTON ENGLAND"; on the bar is a 48 cell refreshable braille display, flanked by four square buttons on each side of the display; below the bar is a qwerty keyboard, gray plastic except for the S-D-F-J-K-L keys in red; two black plastic rocker switches on each side of the keyboard; clear adhesive braille labels adjacent to all the rocker switches except the white power switch.

Height: 5.75

Width: 19.25

Depth: 15

Date Made: ca. 1982

Maker: Clarke, John; Bellis, Fred

Place of Origin: Wallington, England

Credit Line: Gift of the Carroll Center, 2014.1.

Subjects: Assistive technology Braille Computers Reading devices

Dimension Notes: overall, in case

Made: Clarke & Smith

Material: Aluminum, vinyl, plastic, steel, chrome

Updated: 03/14/2016