Boston Braillewriter

Mechanical Braille Writers

Accession Number: 1909

Description: Very little is known about the rare Boston Braillewriter from the Perkins Institution. Its design seems to owe more to the German Picht Braillewriter than the American Hall Braille Writer. In the 1909 issue of the Bulletin of the American Library Association, p. 218 is this statement: "Three new typewriters for embossing have recently been invented..." One was the Boston Braillewriter from the Perkins Institution, South Boston, Mass. It is not thought that many of these machines were actually manufactured. Page 17 of the 1910 Perkins Annual Report states that the printing department (the Howe Press) had sold 26 Braille writers over the "past three years."

Height: 5.375

Width: 13.25

Depth: 8.5

Date: ca. 1909