Big Cell prototype

Model, Instructional

Accession Number: 2013.8.61

Description: Molded prototype of an enlarged braille cell model; painted gray; rectangular in shape with rounded corners; features six curves as found in the cell openings of a braille slate; six recessed areas, arranged in two columns of three and spaced approximately 1/4 inches apart, represent locations for the six possible braille dots in a cell; 1/8-inch hole in top left corner to accomodate a key chain.

Width: 1.75

Length: 2.75

Depth: 0.125

Date Made: ca. 1995

Maker: Poppe, Tom

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection

Subjects: Braille Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Product and market development Prototypes

Made: American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Plastic

Updated: 04/29/2013